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OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1603519/page/1

[警世]你哋知唔知警察戰意點解咁高/[Word of warning] Do you know why the police have such a high spirit to fight?

by 假寶玉/The Fake Gem

[Repost from a friend] The War of The Police

// 我有白警朋友,是會通風報訊信得過的那種,因此我不會說整個警隊沒有一個好人,因為我知道好人有,但愈來愈難做。
// I have a good cop friend, one that is trustworthy and would link intel to us. Therefore, I won't say that all the cops are bad because I know there are good ones. It's just become more difficult for them to do their job.

Up until now, the police's attitude is quite apparent. On June 12, a friend and I went to Hoi Foo Flyover and stood between the demonstrators and the riot police with long shields. There were two white-shirted cops [Translator's note: police officers with a higher ranking] who tried to call off the riot police and to provide time for demonstrators to retreat. I remembered vividly that a female cop in white shirt even grabbed the blue-shirted police in front of her who was eager to rush forward. She stopped him and then took down her masks to tell us that they wouldn't push forward, and asked us to retreat quickly.

In the early days, I wrote that the police became a grind center and a carrier for hatred because of the government's decisions and strategy. I don't think it is an entirely wrong judgment, because the police force at that time had the presence of some good cops (and there still are). The depth of police violence is far less than today. But things are not the same now.

Nowadays, the cops act with war mentality.

In these three months, the whole police force rottenness, failures, and abuse had been exposed in the public eyes in all areas of the institutions, culture, and individual police officers' discipline. Each one of these area can become an important point for the investigation and review. Each rally can open countless files for investigation. All the first handed information from civilians and media are enough to charge the brutal police.

(Editor's note: scroll down for part 2)
2019-10-15 12:17:18
Hence, refusing independent investigation is the only way they can avoid facing their consequences. Because if there is investigation, majority of the police force would have intentionally, or unintentionally violated discipline or abused their power, and they will all face punishment. Every cop knows this in their heart (ie. the case of Franklin Chu King-Wai and the seven cops beating protestors [back in 2014]).

那麼,要如何阻止獨立調查?就是要贏。如果德國打贏第一次世界大戰,就不會被英法美三國屈出一條Treaty of Versailles,就不需要受到戰敗的恥辱,就不需要賠錢賠到窮。同理,警察贏了,就可以當平暴英雄,就可以受北京和中聯辦寵幸,就可以挾著「戰績」和軍權長期食住香港政府,要權有權要利有利甚至左右日常施政(例如元朗北角等警黑勾結的區域),座大成香港的權力核心一個重要部分,以後的特首和行政機關都要買佢怕。
So how can they avoid the independent investigation? It's to win. If Germany had won the first World War, then the UK, France and USA would not be able to force the Treaty of Versailles on Germany, and Germany would not have to face the shame of losing the war and most of all, to pay the large amount of penalty which led to poverty. Also, if the police win, they would be heroes who calm down the riots, and they would be patronized by Beijing and the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government. With this "victory", police force would be able to use its power to control the Hong Kong government. They can take as much power and benefits as they want, and even influence the daily legislative decision (for example, in areas where police and gangster colluded: Yuen Long, North Point, etc.) The police force would become a part of the core power in Hong Kong and the Chief Executive and Legislative Council will have to fear it.

那輸呢?濫權的被紀律處分(失去福利甚至坐監)、「黑警」、「侵犯人權」、「警暴」、「失控」等等的指控悉數成真,一世在紀律部隊當中抬不起頭做人,在市民間成為比過街老鼠更見光死的渣滓。作為Macho masculinity的表表者,高高在上慣了的警隊怎可能接受這種恥辱?
What about losing? Those who abused the power would need to face disciplinary actions (losing their welfare or serving jail time), Allegation towards 'Triad Police', 'Violating of Human Rights', 'Police Brutality', 'Out of Control' and so forth would all be actualised, causing the police force to forever be looked down upon within the disciplined services. The civilians would find these scumbags more distasteful than rats. Being the original of Macho Masculinity on cloud 9, how can the police ever put up with the shame?

It is like heaven or hell, do-or-die. To the police, they have the back against the wall and winning is their only choice.

This kind of mentality is the root cause of the excitement, joy, the inflated and out-of-control emotion behind their unacceptable brutality. Also, this can explain what's in the policemen's mind that led them to those taking actions against the protestors, civilians and the press.

The police is on the field battling, not for the government, the CCP or for any national interests, but for themselves. //

點解佢哋戰意咁激昂 係因為佢哋知道冇輸嘅餘地
香港人 不成功便成仁
This post is not to whitewash the rats
They give off an aura of invincibility because they know there's no room for failure
So HongKongers, we either win or die for this righteous cause.

光復香港 時代革命
Liberate Hong Kong, The Revolution of Our Times.
2019-10-15 12:58:04
OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1616400/page/1

【突發】史上首次!超過55位 英國議員 直斥中共違反《聯合聲明》,攬炒團隊成功發動跨黨聯署!/[Breaking] First time ever! More than 55 British Parliament Member directly reprimand CCP for the violation of the "Joint Statement," the burn together team has successfully launched the cross-party cosigned!

by 我要攬炒/Burn Together Bruh

19/9 Government publicly despised the Sino-British Joint Declaration and provoked Hong Kong people.

(Editor's note: See English version here: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/201909/19/P2019091900577.htm?fontSize=1)

多番攻防戰之後,我同團隊嘗試喺國際戰線上再下一城,謹此 宣布,2/10攬炒團隊成功發動:
After many rounds of defence and offence, our team try to push further on the international frontline. Here we announced that 2/10 burn together team had successful mobilize the:

「英國國會跨黨派聯署」/British Parliament cross-party member cosign

The first time in history, 58 British Parliament members across different parties directly reprimand CCP for the violation of the "Sino-British Joint Declaration"!


值得一提嘅係,名單入面有前英國外相、現任影子內閣、外交事務委員會 等重量級人物背書支持。
It is worth mentioning that the list is supported by endorsements of former heavyweights such as the former British Foreign Secretary, the current Shadow Cabinet and the Foreign Affairs Committee.

的確,英國近年被Brexit 困擾,支援未夠,但係基於歷史淵源,同國際條約依個籌碼,幾困難我地都會打依條戰線。
Indeed, the British have been plagued by Brexit in recent years, and the support is not enough. However, based on historical origins and the international treaties, we will continue to fight this directly through all the difficulties.

After Hongkongers' hard works in the past four months and the trust and money that all of you had provided back in July, there is some hope in approaching Britain.

Lastly, the burn together team truly believes that on international and local frontlines, no matter what CCP's next step is, Hongkongers will be able to resist.

No matter what kind of laws the government pushes, such as emergency laws, antimasks bill, history tells us that a brutal regime will fall. As long as we don't falter, we will win.

光復香港,時代革命/Liberate Hong Kong. Revolutoin of Our Times.
寧化飛灰,不作浮塵/We'd rather be ashes than dust.

正牌攬炒Channel/Official "StirFry" Channel
2019-10-15 13:32:16
OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1642068/page/1

[黑警講大話]助產士證實男警入左產房,睇曬孕婦全裸!/[Police Perjury] A midwife confirmed that a male police officer entered delivery room while the pregnant arrestee was naked

by 164傳奇/The 164 Legend

I borrowed this account from a friend to make this post.

(Editor's note: The Chinese text on the orange sticky note says, "Cop has entered the delivery room"

I am a registered nurse and midwife at Tuen Mun Hospital. I saw the police's lie on Facebook today and I can't keep my mouth shut anymore. I will tell you the truth, the whole truth!

(Editor's note: see the English version on this post here: https://www.facebook.com/HongKongPoliceForce/posts/2665502946870986)

What the cops said on Facebook was bullocks. They're tricking everyone.

1. 有男警入過產房/Male police officer had entered the delivery room
The standard procedure of admission to labor and delivery: a gynaecological examination at the delivery room, then moved on to the prenatal ward to wait (and rest) until time is ripe for delivery. As the cops said on their Facebook page, police officers had not entered the prenatal ward. But they had actually entered a place that is even more restricted, they had entered the delivery room. Medics believed that the pregnant arrestee's water was broken. She was sent to the delivery room for inspection. Standard procedure requires patients to remove their underwear and wear a patient gown. Once they arrive in the delivery room, they have to spread their legs on the hospital bed so doctors can collect their bodily fluid for examination. It was at that moment when a male police officer entered the delivery room, and was present during the examination, claiming that he needed to take statements.

2. 醫院妄顧病人私隱/Hospital disregarded patient's privacy rights
During hospital admission, one male and one female police officers were present and they requested to take statement. The delivery room supervisor Wong ignored patients' privacy and instead allowed police's access to the delivery room. What's worse was that Wong let the male police officer enter delivery room, and asked the female officer to wait outside. At that time, there were other pregnant women in the delivery room. Wong was extremely irresponsible and has no respect of patients' privacy.

3. 警察混淆視聽/HK police misled the public
The pregnant arrestee was admited around midnight. Police claimed that male relatives of the arrestee were present at the hospital ward but that was not the truth. Family members are not allowed to enter the wards outside of visiting hours (12pm - 1pm and 5:30pm - 8:30pm). At the time of the incident (around midnight on Oct 7), contrary to the police's claim, none of the arrestee's male relatives was present!

How much longer do cops intend to trick Hongkongers?

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority should say something to clarify, too.


1. Views expressed in OP do not necessarily reflect ours. We try our best to curate and translate trending contents on #LIHKG for you.
2. We are not associated with the LIHKG forum in whichever ways. We are a volunteer group whose operation is completely independent of the LIHKG forum.
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push. I wonder how many foreigner is watching LIHKGPicks?
2019-10-15 21:54:55
They’re quite popular on Twitter and according to them they’re just using this thread here to archive their translation. If you get a chance, have a look at their posts on twitter https://twitter.com/LIHKGPicks, and please follow/RT if you agree with what they do
2019-10-16 08:59:10
OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1587574/page/1

不分化,堅持落去就會贏,五點建議/We can win if we stay united and push on. Five suggestions

by 七檸John/7-up with lemon John

Just came back from Shatin, it was very sad to see LIHKG become this way

Auntie Mo (Claudia Mo) posted #WonABattleButLostTheWar today
Professor Shen (Dr. Simon Shen) posted eight reasons why the yellow vest (Gilet jaune) movement died.
We all understand what she means .
I hope we can keep the five points listed below in mind:

1. Never apologize for the frontliners
Even if the frontliners make mistakes, any "military advisor" cannot apologize on behalf of the frontliners.
Did you know how heartbroken the frontliners were when they saw the apology?
What you need to do is generate more promotional materials to explain to the public!
The frontliners already face tremendous pressure on the front lines.
If you have a suggestion, please express it positively

2. Accept the suggestions of the peaceful protestors and discuss matters rationally.
When Auntie Mo and Professor Shen have to give advice indirectly, it only means one thing.
Many peaceful protestors don't want to be accused of "breaking off" and have stopped giving suggestions regarding the direction of the movement.
It's even worse on LIHKG these past two days. Anyone who has suggestions on vigilantism gets downvoted or blocked.
Many peaceful protestors are not opposed to the idea of vigilantism, but they just do not want it to become a normalised phenomenon.
If we want to have a rational discussion, a clear mind is imperative when faced with different opinions

達唔到目標既野唔做,已經達成目標就move on去下一個目標,做多只會晒時間
3. Have a clear goal in mind. Once the goal has been achieved, fall back.
CCMTR vandalism and airport sit-ins: increase the legislation cost of government.
Mall Rallies: increase management costs for pro-China businesses.
Vigilantism: intimidate the blue (pro-government), stopping them from beating up protestors.
Marches: While they do not directly affect the government, they function as a PR move that encourages international awareness solidarity.
Shopping strike: It is the most effective resistance from the peaceful, non-violent protestors.
Frontliners: Violent margin theory
Promotional Literature: clarify the truth and prevent state media from swaying public opinion.
Hit the nail on the head: drive government officials insane
Don't do things that are not achievable. Once a goal has been achieved, move on to the next target. It'll be a waste of time if you do more.
For example, if we are denied a letter of no objection for a march but still follow through, the turnout will be lower than a legal march. In turn, this would undermine our credibility in the eyes of the international community.
In that scenario, we should focus on the mall shopping strike as peacefully as possible. Thus making the movement more accessible for peaceful, non-violence protestors. The more the merrier.
Actions such as destroying CCMTR stations can wait until the peaceful protestors have left, or they can be executed flash-mob style.

(Editor's note: scroll down for part 2 )
2019-10-16 10:33:36
OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1631105/page/1

香港人,呢次考驗大家團結時間!!!/Hongkongers, our unity is put to test!

by Fast1371

Ever since 777 (Carrie Lam)'s announcement of Emergency Laws, LIHKG has lost its direction. Discussions on LIHKG have become highly polarized.

And the chaos have spilled over to reality.

A large amount of dirty cops have put on disguise as protesters to infiltrate our movement, stirring up chaos like how 50cents (wumaos) attempt to take leads in shaping our conversations on LIHKG forum. Their goal is to cause mayhem and turn us against each other.

Doesn't it feel like a déjà-vu?

During the Umbrella Movement, the glass penals of the Legco House were shattered. Immediately after that, gang members took over Mongkok causing mayhem, effectively dissolving the Umbrella Movement.

Fish Ball Movement also failed as we turned against each other.

游梁,本民前,民族黨被dq, 大家割蓆,然後共狗全部過半,香港徹底淪亡
After Regine Yau Wai-ching, Baggio Leung, as well as political parties including Hong Kong Indigenous and Hong Kong National Party were disqualified from Legco House, people started breaking off from our movement.The communist lapdogs took over the Legco, holding half the seats in the House. Hong Kong has fallen.

1. 6.9應唔應該留守煲底
2. 7.1應唔應該衝立法會
3. 8.18是否應該和理非遊行
4. 是否開始暫停圍狗屋
5. 是否需要化妝
6. 是否需要出魔法
7. 是否需要獅鳥
8. 是否需要大遊行
We have experienced many crisis where alienation could've happened during the #antiELAB movement in the past 4 months:
1. June 9: Staying at or leaving the designated protest area at the Legislative Building.
2. July 1: Whether or not we should storm into the Legislative Building.
3. August 18: Should we march in peace?
4. Whether we should stop surrounding "Dog Houses (Police Married Quarters)."
5. Whether (pro-government) shop renovations are neccessary.
6. Whether magic (counter-attack against police brutality) is neccessary.
7. Whether vigilante justice is necessary (when being attaked by the Blue Ribbons).
8. Whether mass protests are neccessary.

We have been through a lot to arrive at this point, being tortured, opinions being ignored, being smeared, getting set up, went missing, being suicided, getting injured badly, freedom of speech being eroded, getting arrested...

We have overcome all these. If we can stay united at this critical moment, we will win! Carrie Lam has run out of tactics, and if we don't break off from each other, there's nothing else she can do.

In the past few days, 777 (Carrie Lam) placed a bet on the economy. By obstructing the transportation, she was hoping to regain some support from the public. But if 777 fails, she will face the opposition from the Blue Ribbons (pro-government), because they will see the government as useless and the dirty cops as incompetent.

So, we need to be more consociated and trust our brothers and sisters. Don't break off even if they use "fire magic" (molotovs). Don't break off if they "redecorate" the pro-government shops. Don't break off even if they smash a blue-ribbon by accident. Don't break off, including when we resort to vigilante justice. Because after all that we've been through, we know there's a reason behind every action, and we won't lose sight or lose control.

Therefore, unite everyone. Hold on to each others' hands before the dawn comes and together, we will walk out this era of darkness.

HongKongers! Unite!

Resist the winds of diversion!!!

Success is only one step away.
2019-10-16 10:35:54
2019-10-16 13:09:21
OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1655583/page/1

[英文版出爐!!]搞左呢份野等三萬黑警都要接受國際審判/[For Immediate Release - EN Version] 30,000 dirty cops will face trial at international court due to this report

by 早撈湯丸/Ellan Ou

Let's get straight to the point. We are a group of professionals who have put together a 270-page-long Investigation Report on Statutory Powers and Monitoring of the Hong Kong Police Force. You may have read the report somewhere. We want to thank all of you for giving the report 15,000 upvotes within 2 hours after its launch.
(If you haven't read the report yet, please check out the links below.)

Many people asked if there is an English version, so we worked ceaselessly to produced one and it's finally ready to launch. I remember that a lot of you promised to spread the world, so here's your chance.

並且新增埋網頁版,連埋GOOGLE DOC版,一齊發送到全世界。
The English version has been revised several times to include some important, addtional evidence from incidents happened at the beginning of October. We've also established a website and included the report in Google document format for sharing.

Please help upvoting this post!!

認住呢個網址/Remember the url:http://hkpfreport.org

主報告 Main report and Appendix 2

證據 Appendix 1: Evidence
June 10 - July 28 (Google Doc)

August 2 - August 10 (Google Doc)

August 11 - October 2 (Google Doc)

——追舊 POST/Old Posts——
第一個 Post/First post
第二個 Post/Second post

(Translator's note: scroll down for part 2 )
2019-10-16 13:11:09
2019-10-16 13:16:26
——中文版連結,連舊POST貼多次/Link to the Chinese Version, sharing the old posts again——

承上 post 感激大家努力推爆左 5000

Thank you for giving us over 5,000 upvotes in our last post.

Please continue to upvote us

[重Post] 話說我地花左兩個月時間, 睇左過百條片, 終於
我地製作左文宣核彈, 係 270 頁黑警濫權獨立調查報告
[Re-post] We've spent two months, watched 100+ videos, and finally,
We made an atomic bomb - a 270 pages independent investigation report on Statutory Powers and Monitoring of the Hong Kong Police Force

無咩人推, 幾日過千正評都無
我好灰, 但我唔會放棄
However, at that time LIHKG was under DDoS attack
No one was online and the upvotes were less than 1000
I was so disappointed, but I wouldn't give up

唯有硬著頭皮, 開新 Post 推多次
同法律港女一樣, 我地會做實事,
依家搞緊英文翻譯, 然後就會製作文宣, 推向國際, 推向全世界
到時係聯合國好, 海牙好, 紐倫堡好, 美國國會, 英國國會, 歐盟
但係真係要大家廣傳, 所以希望大家真係唔好俾呢個POST 沉
好多人睇到唔訓覺, 工都辭埋, 甚至要抑鬱睇精神科
大家都係想香港贏, 香港人贏, 所以唔該唔好等我地心血白費
What I can do is to create one more post to push it
Same as the Kong Girls studying laws (Translator's note: we've also translated the Kong Girls series, check it out here: https://lih.kg/ajFdgzV), we are doing practical stuff.
Right now, we're doing English translation. We'll make promotional materials out of this, spread the report to the international community, and to the whole world
When the time comes, the UN, Hague (IJC) or Nuremberg,
the US Congress, the UK Parliament, the EU will all be our target to gain support from
But we need everyone to help spreading this as far as possible. Please don't let this post sink silently.
Many of us have had many sleepless nights, quit their jobs, and some even seek psychiatry help as they felt depressed after watching the videos.
We just want Hong Kong and Hongkongers to win this war, so please don't let our efforts be wasted

中文版本—公眾試閱版—正文/Chinese Ver - Public preview ver - Main content
警隊涉嫌濫權資料(六/七月)/Investigation-related information (Jun/Jul)
警隊涉嫌濫權資料(至八月十日)/Investigation-related information (Up to 10 Aug)

Also!!! Very Important
English Ver will be released on LIHKG/Twitter/FB!!!


I can't push the post with only myself, so we have to rely on you.

1. Views expressed in OP do not necessarily reflect ours. We try our best to curate and translate trending contents on #LIHKG for you.
2. We are not associated with the LIHKG forum in whichever ways. We are a volunteer group whose operation is completely independent of the LIHKG forum.
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