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2019-12-06 11:56:33
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OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1771536/page/1

黑警 你哋真係唔好以為仲可以得寸進尺
Black cops, don't you dare to think you can push your luck!

by WaterStrange

On 6/9, one million Hongkongers took to streets to protest for the anti-ELAB (anti-extradition law amendment bill). Three days later, we mark the 6-months into the movement.
During these months, Hongkongers had made great achievements,
And a huge thank you to the journalists' selfless contributions, for live recording and speaking the truth to the world.
Apple Daily, Stand News, HK In-media, HK Golden Forum, Passion Times, RTHK, NowTV, 852, Initium Media etc.

6/12, Incident
6/15, Martyr Leung was willing to sacrifice himself
7/21, The police vanished in thin air

Luckily two policemen were captured turning their backs at Yuen Long station,
While many people were severely beaten up, including Legco councillor LAM Cheuk Ting, Stand News reporter, former TVB reporter Ryan LAU and numerous innocent citizens.
I believe many Hongkongers saw the truth in that evening and turn to support democracy.
Did you, police dog, know if you acted like a "REAL HERO" and squelched the thugs,
the public opinion would have rallied on your side?

8/11, Police shot bean bag rounds and hit a female first-aider's eye,
The whole bean bag round was stuck inside her 3M goggles.
One must pay the price for their wicked actions.

8/11, police shot pepper-spray pellets at citizens in close-distance inside the Taikoo station.

8/31, Police beat someone to death
For the longest time, they refused to show the CCTV footage to prove their innocence.
Instead, they merely posted on facebook, disregarding it as rumours.
Do you think a Facebook post is more convincing than the CCTV footage?

10/1, Remembrance day
11/11, Police shot live rounds at protesters.

The police shot Kin, and the bullet was just 2cm from his heart. Kin is tough and strong. He survived.
Now he is charged by the police for riot, motherfucker!
Another protester, Koala's March, was also shot, had to go through surgery and had his right kidney and liver removed.
Run people down with motorcycle.
You have committed an infinite amount of wicked acts!

Furthermore, countless citizens were made to jump off the building, "suicided," and the many non-suspicious dead bodies found in the sea.
Student Chan, Student Chow.

If you, black cops, could reenact the 4 June incident (Tiananmen massacre) to shut up our voices, you would have done it ages ago.
The problem is you can't do this in a humane society! NO WAY, trash!

Five Demands, Not One Less
See you on 12/8.


1. Views expressed in OP do not necessarily reflect ours. We try our best to curate and translate trending contents on LIHKG for you.
2. We are not associated with the LIHKG forum in whichever ways. We are a volunteer group whose operation is completely independent of the LIHKG forum.
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Thanks bro
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Hello World
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OP: https://lih.kg/1772471
Let me take a trip down the memory lane with you. You can later decide whether you want to go on the Dec 8 march or not.
by Pro-CCP Bird

Three months ago, I saw a similar recap post published on the Jul 21 attack.
I felt very encouraged, so I decided to do the same, to refresh your memory on this long journey.
There were way too many defeatist posts on LIHKG. I hope I can bring more positive energy to everyone.
Here are countless rounds of lunch marches, airport sit-ins, campaigns to support yellow shops, human chain, sing-along and film screening events held in the past.
Thank you to those of you who ever attended any of these events.
Not forgotten are 6000 of our mates who were arrested, and those who fled overseas and those who left this world forever.
We will continue this journey for you.
9 June 2019 - CHRF Anti-extradition March
1.03M Hongkongers took it to the streets

12 June 2019 - Anti-extradition Siege of LegCo

13 June 2019 - Sing Hallelujah to the Lord

14 June 2019 - Hong Kong Mothers' Anti-extradition Sit-in

15 June 2019 - Mr. Leung Ling-kit fell to his death

16 June 2019 - CHRF Anti-extradition March
2M + 1 Hongkongers took it to the streets

21 June 2019 - Large-scale Siege of Police HQ

25 June 2019 - G20 News Ads
Hongkongers crowdfunded HKD$6.7M within 9 hours

26 June 2019 - Marathon Petition to Countries' Consulates

27 June 2019 - Demosistō's Siege of DoJ's Office

29 June 2019 - Ms. Lo Hiu-yan fell to her death
"To Hongkongers:
Even though this resistance has lasted a long time.
But we cannot forget the original intentions.
We have to persevere.
Strongly demand the full withdrawal of the extradition Bill.
Retract the classification of protesters as "rioters."
Amnesty for all arrested protesters
Carrie Lam, Steps Down.
Severely punish the police.
I am willing to put up my life
In exchange for the wishes of 2 million people.
Please fight on!
by Hui-yan"

30 June 2019 - Ms. Wu fell to her death
"Hong Kong, Go, Go, Go!
I hope to see your victory.
I cannot go on Jul 1. The truth is that I feel very hopeless.
Everything in my life seems there is beyond hope.
So tired, I cannot live for tomorrow anymore....
I am a branch that society had discarded, floating aimlessly on the river. I am not a flower who is blooming and flourishing.
I have no home...
Thank you to everyone who loved me and impacted my life.
To my parents, Francis and Tso Tso:
Francis, please take care of my estates in the bank, and split it into three parts for all of you. Thank you! Please live well and continue to run after your dream. I have accomplished all I want to achieve. Death is probably my destiny. I will not become better... don't know how to seize the day and opportunity, and I also don't know how to hold on to love. I am so tired. I apologize for my selfishness.
Please simplify my funeral (Sea Burial is preferred), donated all my organs, thank you!

1 July 2019 - Siege of LegCo

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Part 2
Let me take a trip down the memory lane with you. You can later decide whether you want to go on the Dec 8 march or not.
by Pro-CCP Bird
3 July 2019 - Ms. Mak fell to her death
Waking up and going to sleep with the daily news
Is torture.
The helplessness is burning me inside.
Maybe I am a coward.
I cannot control my emotions.
! cannot see any hope in the future.
Hopelessness left me suffocated.
I made you sad.
I cannot fight on with you anymore.
Go. Go!
A non-democratic government
Will not respond to demands.
What Hong Kong needs is a revolution.

6 July 2019 - Restore Tuen Mun March

7 July 2019 - Great Kowloon March

13 July 2019 - Restore Sheung Shui March

14 July 2019 - Restore Sha Tin March

17 July 2019 - Grey Hair March

21 July 2019 - CHRF Anti-extradition March
Siege of Hong Kong Liaison Office / 36 rounds of rubber bullets being fired at Sheung Wan
Hongkongers chanted "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of our Times" for the first time

21 July 2019 - Yuen Long triads attacked civilians indiscriminately

26 July 2019 - Airport sit-in

27 July 2019 - Yuen Long March
288K Hongkongers took it to the streets
The HKPF issued a Letter of Objection for the first time

28 July 2019 - Assembly at Charter Garden turned into an intense street conflict in the Central And Western District
44 Hongkongers were charged for rioting

30 July 2019 - Thousands of Hongkongers rounded the Kwai Fong Police Station up

1 August 2019 - Bankers' Flash-mob Assembly

2 August 2019 - Civil Servants' Assembly

3 August 2019 - March at Mong Kok which was later turned into a conflict at police stations across various districts
Occupy the Cross-Harbour Tunnel for the first time

4 August 2019 - Tseung Kwan O March / Hong Kong Island West Assembly

5 August 2019 - 7 District Assembly / General Strike
The HKPF fired near 1000 teargas canisters

7 August 2019 - Starry Night at the Space Museum to voice out support for Keith Fong Chung-yin, student union president of Baptist University, who was arrested on 6 August

10 August 2019 - Tai Po March
Public opinions are no longer seen on Lennon Walls in Hong Kong only

11 August 2019 - Sham Shui Po March
On the same day, Hong Kong police disguised as protesters to carry out arrests
A protester was shot in the eye by a bean bag round
A teargas canister was shot into the Kwai Fong MTR station
The police shot rubber bullets at protesters inside the Tai Koo MTR station at point-blank range
The police broke into private premises in Whampoa to carry out arrests

12 August 2019 - Airport Sit-in to voice out support for the protester who was shot in the eye

13 August 2019 - Staff from 13 public hospitals initiated sit-ins to protest against police brutality

14 August 2019 - Yulan Festival Evening Party
To burn paper money with laser pointers to accumulate afterlife merits

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Part 3
Let me take a trip down the memory lane with you. You can later decide whether you want to go on the Dec 8 march or not.

by Pro-CCP Bird

16 August 2019 - The "Stand with Hong Kong, Power to the People Rally" at Charter Garden

17 August 2019 - March at Hung Hom and To Kwa Wan

18 August 2019 - CHRF's "End Police Brutality, Curb Corruption and Chaos" Assembly
1.7M Hongkongers crowded the Hong Kong Island up

21 August 2019 - 1st month after the Yuen Long Attack
Sit-in to commemorate

23 August 2019 - Hong Kong's Way

24 August 2019 - Kwun Tong March to protest against the use of smart lamp posts
MTRC closed down its stations for the first time
The HKPF went to the Richland Gardens to carry out arrests

25 August 2019 - Tseun Wan and Kwai Tsing March
The HKPF deployed water cannon vehicles for the first time

28 August 2019 - MeToo Assembly

29 August 2019 - The "Winter on Fire" 18 District Film Screening Event

31 August 2019 - CHRF's 831 5th Anniversary March
31 August 2019 - The 831 Prince Edward Station Attack where the HKPF attacked civilians indiscriminately happened

1 September 2019 - Airport Sit-in
Thousands of private cars set out to help protesters evacuate as the HKPF rounded the Lantau Island up

2 - 8 September 2019 - Major School Strike
Hundreds of secondary schools / higher education institutions in Hong Kong called for a strike
Hongkongers demanded the truth on 831
The 10PM Million Scream Campaign started

7 September 2019 - Airport Sit-in, which was later turned into an intense street conflict at Tung Chung

8 September 2019 - March to the U.S. Consulate General

9 - 11 September 2019 - Cross-secondary School Human Chain Event

10 - 13 September 2019 - The debut of "Glory to Hong Kong"
Hongkongers sang-along to the song in malls across Hong Kong

15 September 2019 - CHRF's March from East Point Road to Chater Garden

18 September 2019 - Football Fans' Great Reconciliation: Human Chain and Sing-along Event

21 September 2019 - Restore Tuen Mun March / 2nd month after the Yuen Long Attack

22 September 2019 - "Shop with You" Sit-in and Sing-along Event in New Town Plaza, Sha Tin

27 September 2019 - Assembly at Charter Garden to voice out support for San Uk Ling detainees

28 September 2019 - CHRF's Assembly to Commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Umbrella Revolution

29 September 2019 - Global Anti-totalitarian March
The HKPF dashed out from a secret door to carry out arrests

1 October 2019 - "Celebrate Your Mum" National Day Protest
A police shot a live round into Tsang Chi-kin, an 18-year-old protester's chest in Tsuen Wan

2 - 3 October 2019 - Protesters from multiple districts voiced out anger at the HKPF's firing live round in Tsuen Wan

4 October 2019 - The government promulgated the emergency law
Protests broke out in 18 districts in Hong Kong the same evening

(Editor's note: scroll down for part 4 )
2019-12-08 15:48:22
Part 4
Let me take a trip down the memory lane with you. You can later decide whether you want to go on the Dec 8 march or not.

by Pro-CCP Bird

6 October 2019 - The Kowloon March against the Anti-Mask Law
A taxi accelerated against a protester, causing lifelong disability

7 October 2019 - Anti-riot police broke into MOSTown, a shopping mall in Hong Kong

11 - 13 October 2019 - Weekend protests broke out in multiple districts in Hong Kong

14 October 2019 - Assembly at Charter Garden to voice out support for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

18 October 2019 - Masked human chain campaign

20 October 2019 - Kowloon March
The HKPF shot water cannons at the Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre, a.k.a. the Kowloon Mosque

21 October 2019 - 3rd month after the Yuen Long Attack

24 October 2019 - Assembly at Charter Garden to voice out support for victims of police brutality in Catalonia

25 October 2019 - Morning commute non-cooperation campaign

17 - 25 October 2019 - Death of a Hong Kong youth Chan Yin-lam resurfaced

27 October 2019 - The "Respect Religious Freedom" Kowloon March

28 October 2019 - Unknown gas leak in Tuen Mun
The HKPF broke into Dan Yatai, a restaurant in Tuen Mun to carry out arrests

31 October 2019 - Masked Halloween celebration in Lan Kwai Fong

1 November 2019 - "Jog with You" Joggers' Protest at Hong Kong Island West

2 November 2019 - The "Emergency Call for HK Autonomy Assembly at Victoria Park
The HKPF deployed tear gas inside Victoria Park

3 November 2019 - "Shop with You" Shopping Mall Campaign at multiple districts in Hong Kong
Andrew Chiu Ka-yin, a district Council Election candidate was assaulted, the offender bit off his ear

4 November 2019 - A group of protesters demonstrated at a police couple's wedding
Alex Chow Tsz-lok fell from high, the cause of it was unknown

5 - 10 November 2019 - Protests broke out in multiple districts in Hong Kong to voice out anger at Alex Chow's fall
5 November 2019 - "V for Vendetta" Flash-mob Protest in Tsim Sha Tsui

10 November 2019 - The HKPF broke into Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong to disperse civilians

11 - 15 November 2019 - The "Dawn Mission" General Strike
"Lunch with You" Lunchtime Protests in Central
Universities occupied roads in the nearby area
A traffic police fired live rounds at protesters in Sai Wan Ho at point-blank range without warning, one of which was shot into a 21-year-old protester's abdomen
The siege of CUHK happened, the HKPF launched attacks at the No. 2 Bridge of the University

17 - 18 November 2019 - The siege of HK PolyU happened
Protesters launched the "Round Wei up to Save Zhao" Mission in the Yau Tsim Mong districts and Hung Hom to rescue students inside PolyU
The Yau Ma Tei stampede happened

19 November 2019 - Present
The "Lunch with You" Lunchtime Marches continued, this time on a daily basis

23 November 2019 - The "Protect Children" March in Kowloon Tong

(Editor's note: scroll down for part 5 )
2019-12-08 15:54:54
Part 5
Let me take a trip down the memory lane with you. You can later decide whether you want to go on the Dec 8 march or not.

by Pro-CCP Bird

24 November 2019 - District Council Election
Pro-democracy candidates won 388 out of 452 seats in the election

25 November 2019 - Thousands of Hongkongers and designated district councillors set out to rescue students who were still trapped inside PolyU

28 November 2019 - Assembly at Charter Garden to give thanks to the U.S. Congress for passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act

2 December 2019 - "Never Forget the Original Intention" Kowloon March

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然後打 /task1/task4攞任務
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[Mingpao Column] "Future Commissioner" Chris TANG's secret origin from Yuen Long


By: 牛角包子 Croissant

On the night of 7.21 in Yuen Long, the whole city was furious. A crowd of thugs in white T-shirts beat up citizens indiscriminately. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie LAM and Commissioner of Hong Kong Police LO Wai-Chung said, "There is absolutely no basis that the government and police are colluding with the triads. The government and police are enemies with the triads." However, our Mingpao columnist begs to differ. The black and white have always ganged up with each other, hence arose the figure Chris TANG Ping-Keung, the "Future Commissioner" of Hong Kong Police. While he was Regional Commander of Yuen Long District, he wrote the new world order in Yuen Long.

Chris Tang, currently the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations), was Regional Commander of Yuen Long District between 2012-2014. At the time, he was up-and-coming, also well-known for involving in the scandal of previous Hong Kong Chief Executive LEUNG Chun-Ying's "Siu Tao Yuen banquet." It was then when the media started to pay attention to war hawk Chris Tang, who most regarded as the "Future Commissioner" in Hong Kong Police. However, numerous scandals erupted under his watch in Yuen Long.

The first scandal was July 2013's "heroin is salt" case. Two Yuen Long police officers were in Shui Pin Wai Estate investigating drugs hidden in a fire hose box. They hastily "mistook" heroin as salt and dismissed the case. Fortunately, the Estate's security supervisor reported the evidence to the police station, and the lab proved it to be heroin. In the end, the two low-rank police officers became scapegoats and were penalized for improper handling. Were they sloppy or someone in power was hiding something? We leave this to the readers to judge.

The second scandal also happened in July 2013. A 23-year old police officer named Chan, from Yuen Long Pat Heung District patrol team was caught with possessed drugs on the way from Shen Zhen to Hong Kong. The immigrations discovered that he had 15 grams of Ketamine in his luggage. Chris Tang's weak ability to govern his subordinates is apparent here.

The scandals above may not be his fault. Still, the worst was August 2013, where he dined with village squires at "Siu Tau Yuen farewell party." Those attendings were chairman of the township committee such as TSANG Shue-Wo Chairman of Ping Shan Rural Committee, TANG Ho-Nin Chairman of Kam Tin Rural Committee, LEUNG Che-Cheung Chairman of Yuen Long District Council, KWOK Keung from DAB (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong), WONG Wai-Shun Yuen Long District Councillor, LEE Yuet-Man Tin Shui Wai District Councillor, TANG Kwai-Yau from Pat Heung North, LAI Wai-Hung from Pat Heung South. The farewell party was full of top names in the squires' community. It proved Chris Tang has an interconnected relationship with the village squires.

Since Chris Tang was "looked after" by high positions in the Police Force, the PPRB (Police Public Relations Branch) was ordered to handle his scandals in Yuen Long. The PPRB asked the media not to focus too much on the scandals. The Hong Kong Police Force is absurd. It is a joke.

Since Chris Tang left Yuen Long District, he was regularly promoted and put in charge of hardcore operations. In 2014, Chris was the Regional Commander of Hong Kong Island and dealt with the Umbrella Movement. In 2017, he became Director of Operations and was responsible for the security of China's General Secretary XI Jin-Ping until recently he was in charge of the Anti-ELAB (Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement). Looking back, did Chris ever fight crime all these years?

(Editor's note: scroll down for part 2 )
2019-12-09 05:27:00
[Mingpao Column] "Future Commissioner" Chris TANG's secret origin from Yuen Long part 2


By: 牛角包子 Croissant

Chris Tang graduated from the Department of Social Work, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. However, he is a war hawk and has no empathy. He is scarier than Lo Wai-Chung. Since 6.12 protest, a tape leaked out from the Police Force, which recorded Chris Tang saying, "Let's give the citizens a taste of white terror from the opponent... give the mass society a glimpse of vileness from the opponent." He also incited the frontline police, "You have my backing and support, I'll deal with the explaining to the Legislative Council."

If the future Commissioner is of such quality, who's a war hawk, and closely related to the New Territories villagers, it appears the era of Leung Chun-Ying has returned to Hong Kong, and so has the tragedy of triads sabotaging protests in Hong Kong.

Big Bay Area Uncle

2019-12-09 05:34:29
This post can be an extension of the post before.
The Deputy Commissioner of Hong Kong police is an indigenous resident.

OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1362686/page/1

By: 宅宅Home Home

This morning's D100 (online radio) revealed that Chris TANG Ping-Keung is an indigenous resident.
The Yuen Long triads even hosted a banquet in honour of his promotion.
As he is an indigenous villager
If he were in charge of the triad police
Doesn't that mean the villager-triads now rule Hong Kong?
2 Kamijou Touma: Well, it's a police state now.

3Nayeon: Strongly disapprove

5 Fat chick is lustful: ICAC has lost its soul

6 Chai Din: Interest conflict?

7 Eat booger to keep healthy: "Infernal Affairs"

8 Electronic penis Ngok But Kwun (Dat Dog): High-ranking triads

21A Sis: Oh, so it's not a police-triad coalition. It's police=triads

57 Big data generation: Police's spy in triads becomes the godfather. Triads' spy in police becomes Chief Police.

58 Avengers:
Can't fact check this rumour, but it's very horrific if it's true.
Yuen Long (7.21), Mongkok (7.7), Sheung Shui (7.13), Shatin (7.14)...all the brutal operations are all trained by China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong and ordered by DCP, Ops (Chris Tang). There are rumours that Chris Tang directly reports to "strong department" in China, and he is, at the same time, the Yuen Long Commander soon after C.Y. Leung became CE in 2012. He is going to be Chief Police of HKPF.
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2. We are not associated with the LIHKG forum in whichever ways. We are a volunteer group whose operation is completely independent of the LIHKG forum.
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