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2019-10-12 10:18:52
Kong Girls law students - Part 5

Amongst these incidents, we have come up with 14 different categories of victims/complaints in accordance with the various Articles** within the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). We have enough proofs to demonstrate the police's violation of the related Articles.

1. Any person who is subjected to a tear gas bomb in a close or dense space (such as CITIC, a subway station) and suffers substantial physical harm (violation of Art. 7, 19, 21);
2. Any journalist or demonstrator who has been subjected to tear gas bombs in close or dense spaces but has not suffered physical harm (in violation of Art. 19, 21);
3. Any person who is physically harmed by a pepper spray/bomb or various bullets (violation of Art. 7, 19, 21);
4. Anyone who was injured at the 7.21 attack and rejected of police's investigation (violation of Art. 7, 19, 21);
5. Any journalist or demonstrator present at the 7.21 attack and sustained no physical harm (violation of Art. 19, 21);
6. Any person who is unreasonably arrested (violation of Art. 9, 19, 21);
7. Any person who is attacked by water cannon at a close range (violation of Art. 19, 21);
8. Anyone who has been physically assaulted by police with violent in 8.31 (violation of Art. 7, 19, 21);
9. Any journalist or demonstrator at the 8.31 Prince Edward MTR but sustained no physical harm (violation of Art. 19, 21);
10. Any arrested person who has been subjected to various human rights violations or even tortured (violation of Art. 7, 14);
11. Any arrested person who was subjected to unreasonable lynching or violence during the arrest (in violation of Art. 7);
12. Any participant who was cleared by the police force without reasons during a legal assembly (violation of Art. 19, 21);
13. Any person who is involved in a legal assembly but is arrested and prosecuted for "illegal assembly/assembly" or even "riot"; and
14. Witnesses in any of the above situations

Currently, around 100 have signed the petition, and out of them, 3 are victims.
The number of petitioners is still small, particularly victims. In fact, we have enough facts and legal analysis on hand, but what we lack most are victim's cases. These cases would strongly confirm and support our petition and the content therein, causing the UN to reckon our petition as valid and not hearsay.

At the current stage, we need a surge in the number of petitioners, especially from the following:

1. Any person who was shot by a pepper spray/bomb or various bullets on the head/face or other vital parts of the bodies. (other parts of the body that were harmed seriously.)
2. The arrested was subjected to unreasonable violence or lynching during the arrest. For example, those who have been subdued on the ground and yet still get wrist twisted until broken, choke-necked, violently beaten by slapsticks. Also, those who were called "smelly whore" / "cockroaches" (any of the above sufferings is acceptable).
3. Victims who were beaten by white shirt gangsters on 7.21.
4. Victims who were beaten by police on 8.31.
5. Those who participated in peaceful rallies (with or without the no-objection notice), and were cleared by police violently without reasons (such as tear gas bombs. (e.g. 612)

Let us reaffirm: All signatories and victim cases would be kept confidential, and the information would not be released by the CN even upon request by either the CCP or the HKSAR. Meanwhile, to minimize the risk of our information system getting hacked, we would only keep your contact number on record for now until we have completed the petition.

So once again, if you believe in us and want to vent your steam, then we will guarantee the confidentiality of your particulars.
2019-10-12 10:20:36
Kong Girls law students - Part 6

We shall reach out to those that have contacted us in the last few days in hope to establish a taskforce. At the moment, we have enough hands and we would like to thank you for your support

Regardless if you are a victim, a civilian, bros and sis, or whatever you are, please feel free to contact us through any one of the following channels.
Email: sue9popohk2019@gmail.com
Ig: knowyourrightshk
Telegram: @angiete / @venisawai

* The United Nations and the International Court of The Hague are two different entities, and they have nothing to do with each other. Hong Kong, as a non-sovereign country, plus this is not a dispute between two sovereign states. We have no ground to stand in the International Court of The Hague.

"** International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights


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2019-10-12 10:24:45
Thanks bro. I’m not good at translating but I’ll help RT & spread it to my friends.
2019-10-12 10:27:42
Kong Girls law students - Part 7

OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1576895/page/1

Kong-Girls, law students, pledge their lives to locate a few more allies before reporting the Hong Kong government and the police to the United Nations for their collusion./讀Law港女死唔斷氣死纏爛打,尋多幾個人就送港府兼差佬上聯

by Ven

Re: [URGENT] 831, I accompanied a German journalist to interview frontliners. I'm pretty emotional right now. Local girls are seeking help to locate a missing person!!! Urgent!!! - https://lih.kg/1528086
Re: Make the international society aware of Hong Kong police brutality!! Kong-girls, the law students submitted the first draft of a formal complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council against the HKSAR and the Hong Kong Police Force - https://lih.kg/1552390

It's the Kong-girls A & V again.

Hong Kongers are very shaken by what happened this past weekend. In this time, we have finished a rough second draft for submission. Here's a link for anyone who's interested to read our draft:

Redacted draft:
Table: international guidelines on the use of non-lethal weapons:

(Girl V: This table lists out all the weapons the police has used. It also includes international protocols on what circumstances is deemed acceptable for armed forces to use such weapons and what weapons are not to be used regardless of circumstances. We welcome anyone to refer to this table if they are ever in doubt.)

Girl A apologizes for the delay in this, facts related to this section has not been written up yet but this should be done by the end of next Sunday

United Nations has been showing its concerns over the situation in Hong Kong in the last few weeks. A few days ago, the U.N. has publicly urged the Hong Kong government to explain, in writing, the use of force over the 612 incident. V and I are not in a position to presume this is a hint for Hong Kongers to act but at least we can reassure ourselves that the U.N. is by no means unfamiliar with the situation in Hong Kong. This coincides very nicely with the timing of our report submission.

Even if our complaints and report might not set up any legal precedents, we are confident that the report itself can serve the greater good by being a document that we can share with the rest of the world, and via different media outlets. Thank you everyone for your trust and participation throughout, without it not even the most ground-shattering legal review will make a difference to our cause.

*Other than the version we are sending to the U.N. by courier, we will not be publishing the full report and have no plans of releasing the complete document in the future. To protect every victim and complainant who have entrusted in us their stories, we will not be giving full access rights to the public unless we have obtained specific written or express consent from the victims themselves. Any detailed description or discernible comments and sentences will be redacted.

**Therefore, the report we will be releasing to the public will be a redacted version and not the full version we will be submitting to the United Nations. We hope to have your understanding of any inconvenience or disappointment this might cause.

We have now gathered over a hundred signatures and around 18 victim cases. To make sure our report paints a full and accurate picture, we call for the following victims to come forward:

1. Was strangled by either the white-shirts, the police or pro-Beijing gang
2. Was beaten up by police batons or any baseball bats
3. Was called a "stinky chicken" (*translator note: "cunt" will be a close English equivalent) or "cockroaches"
4. Was hit by water cannons and experience either itchiness or pain
2019-10-12 10:29:35
2019-10-12 10:31:07
Kong Girls law students - Part 8

At the same time, we have also set up 3 task forces last week to focus on different kinds of research and analysis gathering experts on U.N. operations, lawyers, law students, and a group of translators to translate news articles and general supporting evidence we can find on the internet.

We hope that by next Sunday (22/9) we can finalize the report and deliver it to the U.N.'s headquarters in Geneva via courier by 1st October.

Also, please can all the victims who have reached out to us, and who haven't handed in their brief statement to please submit them before Thursday. We understand it can be a hassle to type everything up, if it is any easier, we would be ok to take voice recordings too. Many thanks!

In addition, we would like to say:

A lot of people have expressed their gratitude and saying we have been working too hard.

We fully appreciate it and is really not needed

Everything we have done is minuscule compared to what the frontliners are doing. While we all participate in the protests, our effort is nothing compared to our fellow protestors who stayed until the very end on the street to make sure everyone else have left safely before they would leave the site themselves

Or if you think because we are submitting the report and therefore we might come across as very well educated and competent, that is because we grew up in Hong Kong and we were educated in Hong Kong. Without HK, there will not be the likes of Girls A&V. We don't think we are worthy of all the appreciation but rather we need to thank Hong Kong for being the place that raises us. We are all grown-ups now and it is our turn to stand up and defend our this place we called 'home'.

May God bless our city

May all the glory rests with Hong Kong

Any victims, Hong Kongers, fellow protestors who want to get in touch, please feel free to find us via the following channels:
Email: sue9popohk2019@gmail.com
Ig: knowyourrightshk
Telegram: @angiete / @venisawai

*Side note from Girl A: There are social workers who have reached out to me in different venues to say that they will be happy to speak to any one who's been arrested or anyone who is suffering from depression as a result of teh movement. The social worker is very young (born in the 90s), so it will just be like friends having a chat. If there is anyone or anyone who they know would like to get in touch with the social worker, please let me know.


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2019-10-12 10:35:02
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OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1642666/page/1

Hongkongers, it's time to see the truth clearly. (Please come in for 5 mins to read)
by Walk To Save Money

1. The rule of law in Hong Kong is dead.
The security guard of the MOSTown Shopping Mall was arrested and charged with obstructing the police officers. On the contrary, the police did not have a search warrant and arbitrarily swindled in private places. Don't naively think that the charges will not stand. Even without charges, the police will hold the security guards in the cell for forty-eight hours. No one will know or can control what happens inside the cell. If there are rules of law in Hong Kong, the corrupted police will have paid for their actions already.

2. It's not necessary to sacrifice our own life to debate with the police.
It's pointless to try to talk to the police. We already nicknamed the corrupted police, the "dogs." There is no point in speaking the human language to them. Maybe your doggie at home understands your commands, but these are wild "dogs." How can you talk humanly to them when they are mad? Of course, you run away. You can fight back when you outnumber them. Hong Kong has become a place that even after you are shot or murdered by the police, the "dogs" can still charge you with police obstruction and then they would go back to the front to shot another person.

3. Stop saying things like "spread this bombshell out".
As a small group of Hong Kong civilians, we will never have enough resources to spread bombshells out, even if there are 100,000 bombshells. When we see the so-called "bombshell" posts, our reaction should be angry, over the fact that why we cannot prevent it from happening. Instead of just doing signing petitions, reposting on Instagram, retweeting on Twitter or commenting on Reddit, we can do more. The "dogs" shot the eye, grabbed the breasts, started the fire, broke the laws, and the list could go on and on. As Hongkongers, we need to stop these from happening, recognize the consequences, and then give it all up to the rescue. The only capital we have is our numbers. Ten people can rescue a 15 years old girl. Then in two days, we would have one less floating corpse at the sea.

4. To break off or not
Stop saying that you will never break off from the militant protesters. Now it's the militant protesters that are being merciful and not break off from you peaceful protestors. We all know which group's action can indeed stir up the media and lead to the ultimate burns. Do you think those canned thank you and complain letters would make an impact?

5. Peaceful protesters/leftards
It's totally understandable that not everyone can be a militant protester for personal reasons. But please, when the militant protesters are working, you do your job as a peaceful protestor. You don't have to stand in the front line, but open the umbrella/watch out for "dogs" and warn the others of "dogs" coming, then you can leave. Stop being the mediator and beg mercy for blue supporters who get retaliated for attacking the protesters. Militant protesters would react with the same attitude as the driver who rammed into the protest crowd last Sunday. Do you think the driver only wanted to break your legs when he ran you over? Did the driver get charged by the law? Remember, if we fight, we fight to the death. As for the leftards, you either wake up or you go back home to continue your stupidity. You're like rat glue; we would be in real trouble If we encounter you. (Con'd)
2019-10-12 14:51:17
6. It's time to escalate our actions
Do we go back to work like usual the day after a march? After we finish singing "Glory to Hong Kong", do we get a dessert and then go home? If CCP Rail imposes a curfew, do you follow the curfew? Do you all expect that after we burn together, we will still be able to go to work as usual? Is that the ultimate goal of burning together? I can know for sure that with this "today we march, and tomorrow we go back to work" mentality, we will never be able to wait for the day when we can take off our masks and meet each other at the protest area of the legislative building. Who said a strike can only last for a day? Can a strike last for more than a week? We can generously donate our salaries to 612 Fund, Stand News, Spark Alliance and even frontliners... Can't we give up a week of leaves to genuinely sacrifice and realize a week-long strike. Can we express our views for just one time?

7. Why are mainlanders so thoughtless?
It's no news that many mainlanders are thoughtless. We can only feel sorry for them. Their words usually cause more damage than good. It's so pathetic that since 8964, democracy and freedom have long disappeared from their country. Those mainlanders who were born after the 90s have never experienced these two values, so they will never understand us. Off-topic: Mainlanders rely deeply on WeChat, and all the new clips in WeChat portraits Hongkong protestors in pursuit of Hong Kong Independence, which is why we see the mainlanders being in complete ignorance of the deeds their totalitarian regime commits, including restricting their news. Also, why should we care what befalls to China? My only hope is that Hong Kong will remain as Hong Kong, not China, in 10 years.

8. Fact Check
Some events can never be verified. But even if it cannot be verified, so what? Is verification a must in your belief system? If so, none of the existing religions is believable. Whether there are casualties in the 831 incident can never be verified, so what? What if someone actually died in that incident? Will you join all the protests from now on because someone had died? What if no one died in that incident? Does that mean you may join the protests only when you are free then? Sure, so I have checked, the fact is someone had died in the 831 incident. I hope you will join all the protests from now on.

9. What's your view on or how do you deal with blue supporters?
Those who pretend to be sleeping can never be awakened. When you hear someone says, "the black blocs were paid to take the bullets," you can respond like this, "I'll pay you $5000 to stand in the front line with me tomorrow. You may or may not be shot." He wouldn't dare to go to the front line himself, can he honestly believe that students would dodge bullets for money?

If you are already working or have worked in a school project before, you know there will always be free riders. I don't mind you as a wishy-washy or scaredy-cat. But at least remember this: when some people are working their butt off on this humongous, burn-together project, please don't be a burden/trouble-maker.

Lastly, Liberate Hong Kong, The Revolution of Our Times. 5 demands, Not One Less. Hongkongers must succeed! (The End)
2019-10-12 15:14:12
2019-10-12 18:41:35
Have a push
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Hong Kong Police brutality database


Available in Chinese and Japanese as well, please help spread the word!

- 分享自 LIHKG 討論區
2019-10-12 22:00:12
OP: https://lihkg.com/thread/1606889/page/1

十月一 爆眼家姐有啲野想同各位手足講/Oct 1 - Eye-Injured Older Sister Wants to Say a Few Words to All Bro and Sis'
by A Dick Player With A Fucked Life

"Am I going to become blind?"
It was the only question I asked the medical officers in the Emergency Room.

To the Indonesian female journalist who was shot in the eye by the corrupted cops,
your suffering, fear, helplessness, anger,
I understand them all, and I share your pain.

I can tell you that,
no matter what the doctor tells you about how much vision will be left,
you know it deep in your heart,
that it is no difference from becoming blind.
Because the world that you see,

Everyone, this is an atomic bomb.
The cops used rubber bullet [Translator's note, according to HK's local newspaper SCMP, it was unclear whether the journalist was struck by a beanbag round or a rubber bullet] to shoot and rupture the journalist's eye,
we need to spread this out.
China and Indonesia are in a good relationship,
but there's also a mass protest in Indonesia now.
They are going to help us
Don't let this news get unnoticed.
We must let the world know.

And there's another brother whose face was likely shot with tear gas cartridges fired by the corrupted cops
There was blood on the ground. A tear gas cartridge is found right next to his left eye, and he fell unconscious,
but there was no more news following up on his situation.

Oct 1, National Grief Day
For all the bro and sis',
for freedom,
let's come out on the street

Corrupted cops, an eye for an eye
Five Demands, not one less
I burned, you burn with me

Let it blossom everywhere
2019-10-12 22:00:57
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