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2019-10-07 04:12:09
Busan: Park Chan-wook to Remake Costa Gavras’ Dark Comedy ‘The Ax’

“Old Boy” director Park Chan-wook says he is getting ready to make comedy horror film “The Ax.” The film would be a remake of the 2005 film by Greek-French director Costa Gavras, which was itself a adaptation of a Donald Westlake novel.

The story involves a chemist who is make redundant due to outsourcing, and devises a solution to eliminate his competition.

“I have had a lifetime project to make a film titled ‘The Ax’,” Park said in an open talk with Greek-French director Costa Gavras, held at the Busan Cinema Center on Sunday, at the Busan International Film Festival. “I’ve not yet started filming, but I wish to make this film as my masterpiece.”

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好垃圾架 少睇鬼片,但故仔幾有趣
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搞錯 安樂先岩
2019-10-11 18:05:28

《釜山行2:半島》講述前作中的喪屍病毒擴散到整個半島後,國家形同虛設,人們艱難生存。第一部的導演延尚昊回歸執導,除了女主角李貞賢之外,姜棟元(《檢察官外傳 》)、李來(《素媛》)等加盟。前作男主角已死,孔侑不會回歸續集。
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之前出過張官方first look
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Brief takes with… Bong Joon-ho

“Even the trash can was expensive.” —The Parasite director on Psycho, facial mud-masks and not scratching the furniture.

It was never too early to call Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite a masterpiece. We knew back in May, when the #BONGHIVE hashtag was born in a Cannes queue and the festival reactions started. Soon after, Parasite became the first Korean film to win the coveted Palme d’Or. The wild class satire is the highest-rated narrative feature film on Letterboxd in 2019, our highest-rated film of the past decade (news the director was happy to hear), and, as many have recommended, best seen with as little prior information as possible.

Unless, of course, you’re a mega-stan of director Bong, in which case it will suit you to know certain things: frequent collaborators are back, most notably Song Kang-ho, who leads Parasite’s ensemble with thrilling focus and wild abandon; the highly specific cinephilic inspirations; and the production design, which is meticulous to the point where it was a budgetary issue, as we discovered when we put a few questions to Bong Joon-ho this week.

You’ve already talked a lot about the production design of Parasite, but since these spaces are essential to the psychology of the story, please tell us more about the two houses: the Kim family’s cramped basement apartment, the Park family’s minimalist mansion (designed by fictional architect “the great Namgoong”).
Bong Joon-ho / 봉준호: Most of the narrative happens in two spaces, and all the houses you see in the film—the rich house, poor house, neighborhood surrounding the poor house—were built from scratch. For the rich house, I already had a basic sketch of the structure as I wrote the script. I had specific requirements in terms of what the characters would or would not be able to see from certain positions, where they could eavesdrop, how they would move from one position to the next, and the like. I handed that rough sketch to the production designer [Lee Ha-jun], and he worked with actual architects to ensure that the house looks beautiful and believable, while meeting all my demands.

Also, the DP [Hong Kyung-pyo] and I wanted to use natural sunlight as much as possible, so we observed the sun’s position throughout the day to determine the direction and design of the house. In terms of interior design, the production designer filled the space with very expensive furniture, props, and décor; even the trash can was expensive. I remember the production designer and line producer being very anxious on set and pleading with us to be careful not to scratch anything as most of them were rented.

For the poor neighborhood, the art and set department actually visited neighborhoods scheduled to be redeveloped, and went inside abandoned homes to take the doors, window sash, tiles, and other materials to build the set with. They ended up adding a realistic texture to the neighborhood; even Korean audiences didn’t realize it was all built. And due to the flood sequence, we had to build it in a water tank. We filled it up with water on the last two days of shooting there. We added in facial mud masks to give the water that sewage color. Great skincare for my actors.
2019-10-12 11:43:01
What film is the definition of a South Korean masterpiece?
The 1960 film The Housemaid by Kim Ki Young is a true Korean masterpiece. The film was restored by Martin Scorsese’s The Film Foundation and screened at Cannes Classics. It’s also available in the Criterion Collection.

You’ve talked before about how 1970s American cinema inspired you to become a filmmaker. Can you name some specific films that particularly made you go “this is what I have to do”?
I watched many films by John Carpenter, Brian de Palma, Sam Peckinpah, but ultimately, all these filmmakers are part of the Hitchcock lineage. Hitchcock still remains as one of my biggest inspirations.

Did you catch The Irishman yet?
I’m dying to see The Irishman. I really cannot wait.

What’s your go-to comfort movie? The one that you’ll always put on, no matter what, and how many times do you think you’ve seen it?
I’ve watched Psycho more than 50 times. Also, Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, Jonathan Demme’s The Silence of the Lambs, and David Fincher’s Zodiac.

Finally, we’d like you to name some newer-generation directors that the Letterboxd community should have our eyes on.
Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar), Ali Abbasi (Border, Shelley), Yoon Ga Eun (The World of Us, The House of Us), and Jennifer Kent (The Babadook, The Nightingale). (See the Letterboxd list.)

(註: The House of Us AFF有得睇)

2019-10-12 12:00:09
有買the house of us之前都有介紹過the world of us,好好睇,講兩個細路女點由好朋友變反面,劇本好細膩,睇到好多細路嘅黑暗面
2019-10-12 14:32:10
【小三坐正?】洪常秀撇元配唔成 金珉禧傳懷孕



由洪常秀執導、金珉禧主演的《江邊旅館》雖然獲邀出席「第24屆釜山國際電影節」,但二人就未有現身,而他們的近況亦成為話題,於昨日播出的《Section TV 演藝通信》就公開了二人一起外出的照片,兩人於本月6日在寓所停車場被拍到新照,有知情人士透露有傳金珉禧於5月時懷身孕,所以聽到此消息後,媒體就進行了採訪,不過當日見金珉禧就不似有懷孕的迹象,腹部依然平坦兼手腳纖幼,但疑似剪掉一頭長髮。

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姜棟元呀嗚呀 好掛住佢
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