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2023-03-15 12:08:14
there is also this thought that i just assume everyone on the internet are handsome boys and girls...
but this idea backfired me a few times before
2023-03-15 12:08:38
that's expectation vs reality
but generally people are nice
2023-03-15 12:10:42
though when you have more people join in, there are more gossip.
which i don't like. i was at the center of the gossip one time coz i liked a girl.
it makes me mad that people don't think she'll fall for me.
it makes me even angrier that she didn't fall for me.
i was hoping that she can against all odds and people's presumption and fall for me.
i guess story like that only exists in fairy tale.
2023-03-15 12:11:08
love dies. but i enjoyed our time though
2023-03-15 12:11:29
i was trying my best not to be pushy and being an annoying prick
2023-03-15 12:11:44
i guess at the end, i still remind respectful
2023-03-15 12:12:02
she told me that, she wants to be friends with me.
2023-03-15 12:13:17
i could be a good friend i guess.
but i can't be a good friend with someone i've had crush.
so i told her that it's either girlfriend or no contact ever again.
so naturally she chose the first option
2023-03-15 12:13:43
i don't hold any grudge against her
i can't make someone like me
2023-03-15 12:14:12
but rejection never feels good
2023-03-15 12:14:27
so i told myself don't fall for anyone else again
2023-03-15 12:14:46
because i'm just going to end up wounded
2023-03-15 12:15:46
i've not fall not anyone else since then.
at least these days i don't have to worry about the opinion of another person.
i don't have to wait for someone's messages.
i don't have to put out any effort for anyone.......
2023-03-15 12:16:13
let me tell you,
i have kind of given up by now.
2023-03-15 12:16:47
but i still want to remind simple and naive.
remind childish and passionate
2023-03-15 12:17:33
i don't like the way a lot of grown-ups see this world.
calculating others' action
2023-03-15 12:18:03
so i decided to remind silly and naive
it's happier this way
2023-03-15 12:18:29
what good is the so called 'mature' by chinese anyways
2023-03-15 12:19:18
like, have to hold a serious face at all time
every action is concerned by the so called etiquette
2023-03-15 12:20:24
the worst of all, caring about what others think about trivial stuff
like, you should be married by certain age
you should have a banquet for a total of 30 tables
like, giving diamond rings to show your love
2023-03-15 12:20:44
i simply couldn't care less
2023-03-15 12:21:23
but i must admit that,
i don't have a lot of that kind of people around me
i intentionally distance myself from them
2023-03-15 12:21:39
how i'm being judgy again
2023-03-15 12:21:50
please don't
2023-03-15 12:22:01
all right here we are
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