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2023-02-06 04:44:15
how many times have i face subtle racism in canada because of the colour of my skin, and it's not by white people
2023-02-06 04:45:14
day after day i remind myself that being wealthy is important so that i can get away from people like that
2023-02-06 04:47:08
i can feel that my body is weakening and i feel very cold right noew
2023-02-06 04:48:18
all my cowokers have something they are looking for after getting off work
i don't
salary isn't important anymore i can barely get by
2023-02-06 04:48:32
i don't know how to jumpstart my life again
2023-02-06 04:48:37

2023-02-06 04:48:57
5 years ago i have so many hopes and dreams and passoin
i don't now
2023-02-06 04:50:02
i can't complain to anyone because i'm privileged
they look at my life and is like, what have you got to complain about
2023-02-06 04:50:30
the room is like 30c but i just feel really really cold
2023-02-06 04:51:11
i hate everything about my life omg
i can't believe im saying this
2023-02-06 04:53:31
i don't have any safety net
my family depends on me to success
do you know how big of that pressure is
they want me to success but they don't have any resources for me
i'm so frickig tired
2023-02-06 04:55:12
canada is a shxt country and i'm a loser
2023-02-06 04:57:11
i want a loving family
a family that don't rely on my financial and emotional support
i'm barely getting by myself
2023-02-06 04:58:34
you know what
my workload is so much heavier in this shxt country than in hk
i don't know what i'm fricking doing
2023-02-06 04:59:33
and this shxt city have the absolutely shxtiest public space eveer
public space in this shxt country are for homeless and mental illness
2023-02-06 05:01:42
what people don't understand is that
in hk you still get a slim possibility of being success
but canada is for the rich and they are trying to do anything from preventing you to success
this shxt country is literally exploiting human resources
2023-02-06 05:03:01
compare to hk
you get much lower salary
fewer public holidays
and likely lower AL too
you still have to co-pay your dental unlike in hk where it's free
2023-02-06 05:07:03
and if you live long enough you'll see some shxt people think they're superior than you coz you are from hk an asia city
when all i think is that your country is so shxt that all i feel is sorry for you coz you're ignorant
2023-02-06 05:07:44
oh and housing in canada is much harder for you to afford too for the average peasant like me
2023-02-06 05:09:03
and people have the audacity to say toronto is a world class city
have you visited other cities before
2023-02-06 05:10:04
this is a country that value rich and lazy people
2023-02-06 05:14:17
do you know why some people want to driver a car so much when they have access to bus and subway?
it's because they don't feel safe in public transportation because there are so many mental illness and homeless wondering about
2023-02-06 05:16:13
canada's solution to the problem?
let's legalizes drug use so that we can tax them
2023-02-06 05:17:10
but you know what's even worse
i'm even more worthless than this shxt country
2023-02-06 05:18:53
this shxt country influences me to become a shxtier person
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