[BUNNIES] NewJeans討論區(97) - How sweet 一位粗卡!

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qq 假髮就有
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真正cb 我預言會直接空降1位
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right now個tempo幾接近super shy
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【Ticket Collection and Issuance Period】
2024/06/15 (Sat) 10:00 ~ each event day 23:59 (JST)

【Ticket Collection Method】
Tickets can be issued at the counter of a Seven-Eleven store.
The 'Exchange Number (13 digits)' is required to issue the ticket at Seven-Eleven.

You can confirm your 13-digit ticket exchange number through one of the following methods:
・The <exchange number (13 digits)> provided in the email sent to you at the beginning of ticket issuance process

・The 'ticket, exchange voucher, etc.' (receipt) issued when you made the payment
※ Only those who chose to pay at Seven-Eleven when purchasing the ticket can receive it.
※ Those who purchased the ticket through the Bunnies Membership (JP) Pre-order Raffle
 can also find their 13-digit exchange number for ticket collection in the application status page (link).

When collecting your ticket, please inform the Seven-Eleven staff that it is an 'online purchase' 「インターネット購入」to ensure a smooth process.
※ Please issue your ticket at the counter, not at the copy machine.

【Important Notes for Entry】
★There is a mark on the bottom of the ticket indicating 'XX ticket(s) out of XX'.
Please refer to this mark and bring the following tickets on the day of the event:
・Bunnies Membership (JP)/(GL) member (purchaser): Please bring the ticket marked as '01 out of 01', or '01 out of 02' (the ticket marked as '01 out of XX').
・Accompanying guest: Please bring the ticket marked as '02 out of 02'.
※ Members who purchased tickets through the Bunnies Membership (JP)/(GL) Pre-order Raffle and their accompanying guests can enter separately. However, please ensure to bring the correct ticket, as entry may be denied until the member's (purchaser’s) identity is verified if tickets are swapped.
※ Please check the <XX out of XX> marked at the bottom of the ticket.

※The URL below is a sample ticket image.
※Please check the "◯◯◯/◯◯◯" area (red square) at the bottom of the ticket.
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