Stand with HK Boycott China

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2019-11-28 22:34:33
Thanks for your support! There are quite a lot of choices in hk supermarkets, you can find Japanese food, Thailand food, Indonesia food & Taiwan food as well as US food whatever. There are also have some department stores that specializes selling food from foreign countries, such as 759 stores.
Because of high rental fee in HK, most of the stores are tycoon’s monopoly. It’s not many choices available to us and not easy to boycott China owned stores. We just only pay higher price to support foreign products. The reason why hkers still buy China goods just because of cheaper price. They don’t care about the quality.
After Anti-extradition protest, HKers aware the important of buying local products from yellow shops (pro-protester)
to support local economic, so called yellow economic to get rid of blue shops (pro-HK police). This is the first step we can do to boycott blue shops, HKers have developed few apps to identify yellow shops although it’s still at introduction phase and not all shops have been included on the list.
After the market became mature, the next we can do maybe boycott Chinese background shops or products. It seems quite a long way to go!
2019-11-30 11:30:38
i am trying to use non-china brand or non-made in china
but it is hard
2019-11-30 12:14:39



2019-11-30 12:58:44
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions 
2019-11-30 13:00:02
iPhone 不了
made in China
2019-12-04 08:22:30
2019-12-06 21:22:17
2019-12-07 14:44:23
2019-12-07 18:45:49
Boycott China

we can do it
2019-12-07 18:47:05
2019-12-12 17:25:01
2019-12-12 17:33:38
Boycott Mulan
2019-12-13 22:18:46
2019-12-14 22:37:42
2019-12-14 22:53:12
2019-12-15 11:08:59
呢個國際線有意思:Don’t buy Xi a Christmas present 🎁

Values Not Boundaries! Stand with Hong Kong!
Please spread all over the 🌍 world
2019-12-15 23:14:11
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2019-12-18 12:54:00
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現家twitter嘅tag #China_is_terrorist 爆紅
2019-12-21 19:46:02
現家twitter嘅tag #China_is_terrorist 爆紅
2019-12-22 01:30:47
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