To all HK students studying abroad

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Would like to help organise if anything is happening in London/UK.
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There are TEDx teams in every college supposedly, e.g. City U got one. So maybe either we form our own team in each region to represent HKers and do guest talks in uni TEDx events. The benefit of that is your video usually get spread through their official YouTube channel (uni-wide/region-wide) and social media pages. It gains views way easier than starting street talks with nothing and seem more legitimate. Cons is that the TEDx teams may decline to have us as a guests.

Or we form a crew to tour around foreign uni/prime areas to give talks. Zero threshold. But harder to establish a professional and serious outlook. Can be highly interactive tho if you know how to engage the passerby. And if remarkable moves that are photo-worthy added in, say, there was a art installation/exhibit kinda thing in UK & NZ that displayed hundreds pairs of shoes that highlighted suicide rate among kids ( That ensures we get enough spotlight from news agencies. Just beware of the Chi-na pigs that will storm the venues and that would be all.

I suggest we do both to approach different scopes of audience in both micro and macro approaches!
2019-11-12 02:22:27
So sleepy many typos shit
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Agree. How can we do that tho?
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Actually it’s a good idea but no one will look into this world channel
2019-11-23 23:23:38
Please help push, thx
【全球大串聯】Stand with HK! 向全世界高校學生會求助!
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2019-11-23 23:23:55
Please help push, thx
【全球大串聯】Stand with HK! 向全世界高校學生會求助!
- 分享自 LIHKG 討論區
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